A poet that has saved a life – Mary Oliver

“I do not want to end up having simply visited this world”  Quote by Mary Oliver Kind regards Ali Sobut References: http://mypoeticside.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/mary_oliver.jpg http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/07/13/how-a-poem-helped-save-a-suicidal-teens-life/?tid=trending_strip_2

My lovely bones

https://soundcloud.com/alisobut/my-lovely-bones Description: "A quarrel between two person. One says stop speaking non-sense. The other says those non-sense you are referring to are my lovely bones. In pop culture, lovely bones usually refers to family. Symbolically it means that family is the closest to a persons bones. No comment on the picture." Kind regardsAli Sobut  The lyrics … Continue reading My lovely bones

Prophecy Going Wrong?

Our hopes & dreams were once one. When you broke it, so was I. It can't be revived, cause it's no longer mine. Cannot be built neither by any sentences nor rhymes. Those dreams cannot make you shine. Cause they make you blind in the darkness of our nights. Your dreams are now some others … Continue reading Prophecy Going Wrong?

Controlling Vs. Sharing

Give me your time, I'll give you my space. Give me your heart, I give you my fear. Give me your mind & I give you my pain. Create control, by doing what really hurts. This will lead us oceans apart, at the same time in each others face. OR: Share your time, I'll share … Continue reading Controlling Vs. Sharing