Oslo World Music Festival – 28th October 2015 (OpenX)

" Whats up? This years Oslo Worlds Music Festival, also known as OWMF, is going to be packed with great showcases and open mic performances. FYI: Time:     08:00 pm. Place:    Nordic Black Theater Expect: Great vibes, great crowds & great artists Also: On behalf of one of those artists performed previously at … Continue reading Oslo World Music Festival – 28th October 2015 (OpenX)

“You’re My Love” at Spotify now and soon at Itunes

"Hi guys. It would be great if you could check out my new song at Spotify and soon to be at Itunes. Any performance review regarding the song would be vastly appreciated. "Emotional Blackmail", which supposedly was going to be my first song is still on technical review. I also want to take this opportunity … Continue reading “You’re My Love” at Spotify now and soon at Itunes

My lovely bones

https://soundcloud.com/alisobut/my-lovely-bones Description: "A quarrel between two person. One says stop speaking non-sense. The other says those non-sense you are referring to are my lovely bones. In pop culture, lovely bones usually refers to family. Symbolically it means that family is the closest to a persons bones. No comment on the picture." Kind regardsAli Sobut  The lyrics … Continue reading My lovely bones

Oslo Nights

https://soundcloud.com/alisobut/oslonights Description: "This song is about Oslo Nights. The picture represents the passing of my childhood. The sunset." Lyrics Oslo Nights Background chorus: Oslo Nights, in our hearts. Our place is, in wonders of. In wonders of, Oslo nights. Vers I Feel our stars, in our nights. This is us, in our fight. You and … Continue reading Oslo Nights