The post

"The post that will host the toast. The toast that pose the coast. The coast dries cause of this post. WHAT?!?!?? Kind regards Ali Sobut

We are

"We are defined by others based on the impressions that we give, so if we give the impression that we are as deep as a babypool, then we cannot go around and say our depth is as deep as a soul of a 1000 year old person, right? " Kind regards Ali Sobut

Bacon lobbyists in Iceland – Fake News Alert

"Iceland is now on defcon 3 since the president said he wanted to ban pineapple Pizza. The powerful pizza bacon lobbyists of the republic has demanded that he clarifies his views or they will topple the president. They argue that living in a multicultural Iceland demands variety of pizza flavours - therefore pineapple Pizza shouldn't … Continue reading Bacon lobbyists in Iceland – Fake News Alert