Boatride premier on 1st of November

Guys. This is my first ever musicvideo animation. Me and my pal have worked on this for at least 5 months and I couldnt be more prouder with the results. The song took I believe a 3 months of total as well, if I am not mistaking. Be sure too tune in, into the watchpage … Continue reading Boatride premier on 1st of November

The milkshake

The food that I enjoy and the people that I meet take me back to a time when I was happy. Remembering that good feeling and trying to find triggers in life will make that feeling allways a part of me. This means immortalizing the feeling of happiness. One of my triggers, to creating that, … Continue reading The milkshake

Lunar eclipse & planet Mars?

I remember when I was trying to catch the lunar eclipse through the lenses of my camera I met a cool guy and we started talking as him being also a photo enthusiast. He lend me his camera lense and challenged me to take picture from what we thought was mars. However the verdict is … Continue reading Lunar eclipse & planet Mars?

22.07.11 – remembering the victims of utøya and regjeringskvartalet

Today, at exactly 7 years ago, one of the most herrendous acts of terror was done in Norwegian soil. Some time ago me and my mom went and saw a movie about it in the cinema.  When the movie was running I felt like I was in the youth camp at Utøya. For each and every bullets … Continue reading 22.07.11 – remembering the victims of utøya and regjeringskvartalet