22.07.11 – remembering the victims of utøya and regjeringskvartalet

Today, at exactly 7 years ago, one of the most herrendous acts of terror was done in Norwegian soil. Some time ago me and my mom went and saw a movie about it in the cinema.  When the movie was running I felt like I was in the youth camp at Utøya. For each and every bullets that were shot, for each and every shout that came out from the speaker I could feel like one of my tears were dropping on my cheak. One of the reasons why my experience was this powerfull is that I had read about the main character in the newspapers. It was a surreal experience for me.  My latest single is a dedication to the victims of utøya and regjeringskvartalet. Hence it is important to remind ourselves that terrorism doesnt know any religion, it doesnt know any boundaries and it sure as hell doesnt differentiate between a white, black or a brown person. Terrorism is manifestation of pure evil.

Kind regards
Ali Sobut