Women contributions to science & tech


First off it is a travesty that I need to search in yahoo to find any articles on the 8th of mars international womens day instead of it being highlighted at yahoos startpage – since it is 8th of mars international womens day. That said here are some technical knowhow & scientific progress that are  creditted to female researchers and technical gurus.

  • The First Computer Algorithm by inventor/coinventor   Ada Lovelace
  • Modern Electric Refrigerator by inventor/coinventor    Florence Parpart
  • Digital Communications by inventor/coinventor Hedy Lamarr
  • COBOL – Computer Language by inventor/coinventor Grace Murray Hopper
  • Computerised telephone system switching Hoover by inventor/coinventor Erna Schneider
  • Ice Cream Maker by inventor/coinventor Nancy Johnson
  • Breakthrough in telecom by inventor/coinventor Marie Van Brittan Brown
  • Airplane Muffler by inventor/coinventor Shirley Jackson
  • The Dishwasher by inventor/coinventor Eldorado Jones