17th of may – constitutional day


I want to congratulate one of the success stories of modern times as far as social democratic experiences are concerned. Generally speaking Scandinavia, concretely speaking Norway. The country has constitutionally granted citizens equal rights, great social liberties & securities. I just hope we donโ€™t lose our self while trying to solve one of the greatest challenges of our time. Should we give up our welfare to open up to multiculturalism, should we close our minds towards multiculturalism and keep our welfare or is there a balanced approach between these lines? One more basic question can be: Is there any correlation between multiculturalism and welfare? I ask the questions you decide. Happy 17th of may.

Kind regards
Ali Sobut

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Emotional Blackmail on spotify & Itunes

Hi guys "So the first song that I debuted with as a singer will be available on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon etc. The song is on preorder trial now. I will hopefully make a new music video ย for the song too. Also this song is quite different than what I had published earlier. Im striving to … Continue reading Emotional Blackmail on spotify & Itunes