"Life is not so much about how much you share, but it is mostly about how you do it, why you do it and what it is that you share". Kind regards Ali Sobut

Eternal beauty

 The beauty within me lays in my misery. It tries to flee from my core. Some of it is already gone. In order to keep my beauty forever I need to live in eternal misery. Can I really do this?Interpretation/quote by: Ali SobutPainting by: Camilla Monsen


"Give the heart to darkness, feel it fly away with calmness". By Ali Sobut Poetry Nights Or quote: "Before looking for evil in others, look at yourself and seek refuge from your own before throwing judgement on others" Unquote. Kind regards Evil Ali Sobut


"There is a big difference in me asking forgiveness for something that you feel contra asking forgiveness for something that I have done. The latter demands a recognition of mistakes that I have made and can purify my soul". Kind regards Ali Sobut