"The best gift is more about her and less about you. The worst gift is more about you than more about her. Poetry is more about her than about you and therefore is the best gift." Kind regards Ali sobut


"The best and worst aspects of life is rejection. It is the best since you will be challenged to find other ways of living life. It is the worst cause you make yourself vulnerable to change your ways of living life. Making you recognize that your ways aren't the best ways". Kind regards Ali Sobut


"My surrounding is a reflection of my own hopes, dreams and challenges. You are the manifestation  of my own social construct. I am responsible  for my action and your reaction to those actions". Kind regards Ali sobut

Childs play

“When I do something childish and then some one asks how old I am. I will answer life is just a childs play. When meeting difficulties I cry away my pain in the playground and forget it ever happen and then I will play in the playground another day”. Kind regards Ali sobut