Which is easier? Judging you by my own standards or by your own standards? Since i know my own standards, but my way of telling isnt absolute. I choose to follow your standards. At least in this way you can correct me when I am wrong or misunderstand you. Kind regards Ali Sobut


Remembering in heart and minds. People I have loved through times. Remembering from distant and far. People I cared for are gone. I dance away from the hopeless mind. Remembering the enemy shine from behind. Kind regards Ali Sobut


"Love is when I want having someone in my life, not so much because I feel better about myself when she is around me, but because the object of my love and affection is happy being with me. If the result of my love is your happiness, then this means I do actually love you". … Continue reading Love

The ability to fly

"You may not believe in your ability to literally shoot off the ground and fly through the blue skies, but believe in flying through your own ambitions. It is only your own creative mind that sets the limits of how far you actually can fly". Kind regards Ali Sobut