A simple life

(Alternative Valentines day from 14th of February 2013". For further references please check the sites multimedia publications). " A flawless life is a simple life, through errors that one makes in a simple dive. A flawless life is a simple knife, through errors of sharpening it and taking simple lives". By: Ali Sobut

Great dreams

"Great dreams don't come ever cheap, you strive for them you never weep. Great dreams don't come through a leap, since they are secretive as they drip". By: Ali Sobut


"Transparency can create leadership. Honesty can create fellowship. Conspiracy can create animosity. All these lead to normalcy".


"Gradual thoughts to dramatic thoughts. Residual thoughts to pragmatic thoughts. Hurtful thoughts to individual thoughts. Their universes are in my daily fights. They make me invincible by being fairly polite". By: Ali Sobut